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100 % renewable energy

You can't get better than that.

And we won’t settle for less. We are convinced that it is possible to supply mankind with unlimited energy from renewable natural resources.

And we will prove that it works:

  • economically and ecologically
  • free from risks and side effects
  • for a future worth living

Food for the fuel cell

Wind and solar gas for direct consumption

Whether at home or for commercial use: stored hydrogen can be "converted back" to energy at any time using a fuel cell.

Hydrogen can be stored in gas tanks with up to 30bar, making it available at any time.

Into the pipeline!

Hydrogen in the gas distribution system

Because hydrogen can be mixed with natural gas, it can be fed into the existing distribution system.

In the form of hydrogen, the entire quantity of wind energy from 2009 would only make up a proportion of around 7% in the natural gas distribution system.

This is a major advantage, as the infrastructure for carrying and distributing the energy is already in place – and transportation is possible, even over long distances.

Energy times two

Hydrogen in block-type thermal power stations

The storable wind or solar gas is perfect as an environmentally-friendly fuel in block-type thermal power stations for decentralised energy and heat supply.

When burned, it powers generators or turbines which generate energy. This creates usable waste heat. The CO2-neutral energy can be fed into the mains network.

One of many ways GP JOULE uses to get involved in the truest sense of the word.


On the move with hydrogen

Hydrogen can even be used to get you on the move: cars of the future run on a fuel cell drive and are filled up directly with storable gas instead of diesel or petrol.

The water released during the conversion to electric energy is fed out of the exhaust – the best way to improve air quality.

The exciting question:

feed in or store?

The energy produced can largely be fed directly into the mains network. In the future, "smart grids" technology will also increase the proportion of energy used right away.

In order to increase the proportion of renewable energy and make energy available when needed, part of the energy must be stored. Until now, this has been extremely expensive to do.

GP JOULE has the solution ...

The future in a box

PEM electrolysers from H-TEC

The hydrogen generators from our subsidiary H-TEC act like a fuel cell – only in reverse – and are the key to achieving a renewable energy supply.

The technology behind the solution is electrolysis: electric energy is used to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen with an efficiency of up to 75%. PEM electrolysis is particularly suited to fluctuating energy sources (solar and wind).

H-TEC is the first company to succeed in bringing an energy store of this kind to series production!

The hydrogen contains built-up energy which can be used in a variety of different ways.

Gloomy prospects:

The energy world of the past

  • high-risk nuclear power
  • damaging CO2 emissions from coal and gas
  • diminishing resources

It can't go on like this – we are working on the future!

Energy from the neighbourhood

District heating from biogas

District heating from biogas benefits the environment twofold:

  • burning in block-type thermal power stations is climate-neutral
  • a "waste product" is put to good use

Doubly good:

energy and heat at the same time

It's not only energy that is generated in a block-type thermal power station: the waste heat generated during this process is used instead of wasted (e.g. as district heating).

For this reason, it is important that block-type thermal power stations are built close to heat consumers as part of decentralised energy supply.

Let there be light!

Solar energy has a future

Solar power plants generate energy from sunlight.

GP JOULE has specialised in open area projects with numerous MW – from the initial idea to long-term yields:

Our services:

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Realisation
  • Commercial/technical management

Immense power

Energy from wind power

Converting the movement of the wind into electric energy – we are experts in the field. We accompany MW-class projects on the road to success along the entire value chain:

Our services:

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Realisation
  • Commercial/technical management

In mass production

Green bio-energy

The human race has a constant supply of renewable, organic raw materials for energy production. We’ve got it covered!

Our services:

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Realisation
  • Commercial/technical management

The pioneers in progress

A goal in sight

"System construction is not our only strength. Our strength lies in solutions of the future."

We have our own company division dedicated to the concepts of tomorrow, focusing mainly on storage solutions and the corresponding infrastructure.

In this work, we rely mainly on the hydrogen technology of our subsidiary company H-TEC which is ready for series production.


Shining fields: GP JOULE has specialised in MW-class photovoltaic projects in the solar energy field, which generate power as far as the eye can see.  more.


Heavenly views: From individual wind turbines to large-scale parks, GP JOULE makes sure that the power of tomorrow is not running out of steam. more


High yields, naturally: Biogas plants generate power from renewable raw materials. The heat generated in this process can be used intelligently – we know how it works. more


In the green: Investments in renewable energies not only pay off for the environment, but also generate attractive profits. more

Future Strategies

Keeping up with the times: We develop comprehensive energy solutions for both storage technology and infrastructure and focus on the technologies of tomorrow.  more

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Biomass
  • Investments
  • Future Strategies

Way out aheadGP JOULE in the IMS ranking

GP JOULE is growing in leaps and bounds. According to IMS Research, in 2011 we came in at a lofty eleventh place among worldwide PV project planners. In our native Germany we even occupied the fourth position in the ranking. 

Energy boost:the new JAMES is here!

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  • Road works: Kühlenthal’s community wind turbine
  • How the EEG reallocation charge
    can be lowered

    Time to shineGP JOULE at Solar Canada

    It’s going to be Canada’s largest and most influential solar industry event – the Solar Canada 2014 by CanSIA. So naturally we are a part of it. Visit us at Booth #628 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on December 8th and 9th. 

    Combined forcesWe are a member of CanSIA

    As part of CanSIA, a national trade association with more than 650 members, we advocate a stronger role for the Canadian solar industry, also in an international context. The goal is to build a network that fosters the development of the market while providing effective public relations.

    More on CanSIA

    Always profitableTurnkey Solutions

    German engineering adapted to Canadian standards – GP JOULE developed together with their Canadian partners the most cost effective and most efficient solutions for projects with a size between 100kW and 1MW.

    Read more 

    Made in GermanyOur commitment to quality

    The origins of our company lie in Germany. We add local creativity to our technological know-how within the framework of international projects. And we have the track record to prove our success. 

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